Microcurrent + Serums = Ageless Looking Skin


What’s on my mind?  Microcurrent.

What is microcurrent you ask?

First, let me begin by saying all microcurrents are not created equal. That isn’t to say they’re not good or they don’t work. It simply means like with all technology things change and become more advanced with better results.

At Flourish we use the TAMA Blue Onyx Microcurrent system. What sets the Blue Onyx apart from other systems is the technology. TAMA is a multi-mode wave form of technology which means it measures each person’s unique tissue composition and adapts the stimulation parameters to optimize the treatment at specific depths of the face.

There are 32 muscles in your face. Just like the body needs exercise to stay firm and toned, facial muscles need stimulation to stay toned and firm.

The TAMA Blue Onyx stimulates the collagen and elastin fibers making it stronger, firmer and toned. There’s also the unique design in this system that clears blockages in the face resulting in helping to clear acne and rosacea.

Having problems with hyperpigmentation (brown spots)? TAMA can help with that too!

If you’re looking to address a certain area of the face like lines around the eyes or mouth area, TAMA can re-educate those muscles and help remove those lines and wrinkles. In some cases, results can be immediate based on your skin type and any damage to the skin.

Using the Osmosis serums, such as StemFactor, with the TAMA enhances the results. If you’re not familiar with StemFactor check out http://www.osmosisskincare.com/MDStemFactor.aspx.


AUTHOR: Linda Jenkins
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