ACNE: A Common Skin Problem

I’ve been seeing quite a few clients suffering with acneic skin; they range in ages 14-42.

My teen clients have the usual puberty/hormonal type, but some of them have full-blown acne. By full-blown acne I mean all over the face. Some of the other clients have particular areas of the face covered in acne. Some with cystic acne, some with rosacea and some with the usual pimples on the cheek and forehead areas. No matter what the age is, no one wants to have to deal with acneic skin.

When a client comes to me the first thing I do is take an in-depth history about their diet, lifestyle habits, and what kind of products they are using. I ask if they’ve been prescribed any medications, topically or orally, to deal with their acne. Once I have this information I analyse their skin to get a better picture of what’s really going on. Their dietary history furthers the information I need to help them understand what they need to do to combat this problem. This is a crucial part of their treatment plan.

Whatever is going into your body is inevitably going to show up on the outside, meaning your skin. 

Having too much sugar and dairy in ones diet certainly affects an acneic skin. Certain fruits high in sugar will trigger breakouts. Too much dairy like milk, cheese and yogurt are also culprits. Processed foods is another no-no because of all the preservatives including artificial coloring. Sodas, especially diet sodas are full of sugar and aspartame. None of that is good for you. If you tell me you have a healthy diet and you’re consuming these particular foods, you’re only kidding yourself. These are all triggers for acne breakouts. Learn how to read the labels on foods and become familiar with the different names for sugar.

Another problem with acne clients can be related to candida which is a yeast overgrowth. Read about candida here.  Having candida is not the end of the world, but you do need to do your part in controlling what you ingest and how much.

Next, we have the hormonal acne sufferers. This can be anything from PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) to hormonal imbalance. It’s always a good idea to have your hormone levels checked if you continue to have fluctuations each month and experience more than usual breakouts. Women entering menopause will experience breakouts in the chin and jawline area. Again, hormone levels are beginning to change which causes the skin to react. Take a look at this face mapping chart and see if you are experiencing any of the symptoms related on the map.

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AUTHOR: Linda Jenkins

Linda earned her skin care license in Austin in 1999 and immediately began working in Austin at a high-end day spa. In 2000, The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa in Asheville, North Carolina, presented her an impassable opportunity. Her decision to relocate was to gain further experience and share her passion at this renowned historical resort nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She had tenure of 12 years with The Grove Park Spa family, four of which she was the Lead Esthetician.