Author:Linda Jenkins

face mapping

Osmosis Skin Care has a face mapping chart that I find to be very helpful. When a client has concerns and issues about a particular area of the face. This face mapping chart is ideal for explaining why the area(s) is inflamed, broken out or has pigmentation issues. The...

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dog days of summer

The "dog days of summer" are officially upon us! Ever wonder where that phrase came from?  Here's what I found on The original post was made July 10, 2010 and later re-posted in 2015. What’s the Origin of the Dog Days? July 6, 2015 by: 56 Comments In the...

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healthy hands

Do you have healthy hands? The hands are a dead giveaway to aging if you don't take care of them. Here are some simple tips to having healthy hands: Wear rubber gloves when doing dishes or using cleaning products Keep nails and cuticles trimmed, neat and moisturized ...

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