Contour Body Wraps

Medical body wraps are unique to providing permanent inch loss results as well as detoxification benefits. The contour cream begins working internally in your body by detoxifying the tissues of your fat cells and shrinking those cells down. The permanent inch loss results of our medical body wraps are sustainable as long as previous toxins and bad food habits do not re-enter into your system.

Our internal cleanse body wraps have been proven to be more effective than typical inch-loss body wraps, which provide inch-loss only by dehydrating the skin and those inches come back as you ingest liquids to rehydrate your body. Through our medical body wraps, you will experience inch loss, diminishing of cellulite and body contouring, with results that can be permanent and completely safe.

To prepare for your body wrap

  • No tingling tanning creams
  • No B vitamins and niacin (2 days prior to wrap)
  • No lotions, oils, or creams (the day of)
  • No water 1 hour before
  • Do not shave the area (the day of)
  • Do not shower for a minimum of 6-8 hours after the wrap

We will provide all females with a disposable bra and panty. Gentlemen we ask that you wear bike shorts, or swim shorts.

Full Body Wrap

Your full body wrap includes the upper arms, torso/abdomen area, hips/bottom, and thighs.

100 minute session

Single Area Body Wrap

Choose 1 area to focus on. You can choose from the arms, torso/abdomen, hips/bottom, or thighs.

80 minute session