Internal Wellness – Restore

July is winding down but not without the fury of one of the hottest summers on record! How do you feel about August?

Still, the hot weather doesn’t seem to deter some people from going outside and hitting the pool or other water related activities. I, for one, am not one of these people! I would rather stay inside with a great book and not have to worry about reapplying my sunscreen.

If you are that outdoor person, or even if you’re the indoor type, wellness is still high on the list of things that need attention.

Someone with an autoimmune disease, pigmentation issues, aging and many more conditions can benefit by taking Osmosis Restore.

Restore internal wellness, has been shown to help fight off viruses and other infections due to a patented oxygen molecule. This oxygen repairs oxidative damage thus enhancing overall immunity.

Being around large crowds at an amusement park or the neighborhood pool can subject us to all kinds of viruses and infection. Using Restore will boost your immune system to help you stay clear of these maladies.

Restore is also great to use when cold and flu season start. If you’re already using Restore, more than likely, you will not catch that cold or flu because your immune system is already strong.

Continue to eat healthy and watch your portions as this is wellness too. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep toxins flushing from your body. These are easy ways to stay healthy and well 365 days a year.


AUTHOR: Linda Jenkins

Linda earned her skin care license in Austin in 1999 and immediately began working in Austin at a high-end day spa. In 2000, The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa in Asheville, North Carolina, presented her an impassable opportunity. Her decision to relocate was to gain further experience and share her passion at this renowned historical resort nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She had tenure of 12 years with The Grove Park Spa family, four of which she was the Lead Esthetician.