Cleanse Programs

Our detox cleanse is offered as a 14, 21 or 30 day cleanse and utilizes high quality herbal supplements, proper intake of vitamins and minerals, balanced fatty acid support and a nutritious list of high quality food choices. You can also enjoy medical grade protein shakes while on your cleanse. Prior to starting, you will receive an orientation from a wellness coordinator so you know exactly how to proceed and be successful.

In order to begin a cleanse at Flourish, we recommend you schedule a one hour nutrition consultation with a doctor at BackBone Wellness Center to ensure your success and make sure our program is right for you. BackBone and Flourish operate under one roof and work together as a complete wellness center for all of your natural health care needs.

Most Common Programs Offered

  • Weight Loss/Improve Fat Burning Hormones
  • Detoxification Cleanse (21 and 30 day programs)
  • Homeopathic HcG
  • Body Composition
  • Candida Cleanse
  • Skin Health
  • First Line Therapy for Cardiovascular Risk Factors or Metabolic Syndrome
  • Hormone Support for Cycling and Non-Cycling Women, Improve Fertility
  • Male Hormone Balancing
  • IBS or Intestinal Health
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Thyroid Support and Healing
  • Food Sensitivity Elimination Program
  • Pain Relief Program
  • Energy Improvement Programs (Chronic Fatigue, FM or Exhaustion)