What is a Russian Sports Massage?

Russian Sports Massage

Have you ever heard of a Russian Sports massage? I know I hadn’t. That is, until I met Sonu. Sonu has trained all over the world and blends different techniques together to give you the ultimate massage experience.

We have many highly trained massage therapist and he is just one of them. If you haven’t read about our massage therapists, you should. You can see who would be the best fit for you based on their Bio’s. Or a better idea, try them all out since they all have different techniques and training.

Psst…we have extended evening hours to accommodate those of you who can’t sneak away during the day and those who need an escape on Saturday.

So, what is a Russian Sport massage exactly? First off, it’s nothing like your typical Sports or Deep Tissue massage. In fact, it’s probably unlike any other massage you’ve ever had, but trust me, you’ll love it or at least your body will. Russian Sport massage uses vigorous strokes that will relieve muscle aches, various pains, and stiffness common to athletes. But y’all, that’s not all!

According to Massage Procedures, people with respiratory and digestion issues can greatly benefit from this type of massage. The vigorous strokes can also help boost a slow metabolism, aiding diets and proper absorption of nutrients. you can read a more in depth article about Russian Massage here.

Who can get a Russian Sports massage? ANYONE can benefit from this type of massage! Russian Sports massage is great for athletes before a big event or if your muscles are just sore in general. Even if you aren’t an athlete you can benefits from this type of massage.  We all get sore/tight muscles from time to time. Even if it’s not from going to the gym and working out. Maybe you just moved and your body is aching from moving all those boxes. All of our bodies get stressed from many different things.

I for one think everyone should try this type of massage. But, that’s just me, I like to try new things. Seriously though, what do you have to lose? Nothing, you only have so much to gain!



AUTHOR: Alicia Witt